If you like your fermented greens really intense, here’s GUNDRU

I’ve tried this with nettles and with turnip greens.  An incredible, pungent smell — for the true fermenting aficionado 🙂

Anne Frank wrote about something similar in her diary: “Lunch today is mashed potato and pickled kale. You won’t believe how much kale can stink when it’s a few years old.”  I’ve often wondered how precisely it would have been “pickled” back there, then– in Holland, in the war.

I found with my fermented turnip greens, the smell actually improved with time.  I felt that particular ferment to be overwhelming, and pushed it out of sight to the back of the fridge.  Six months later, it had mellowed.  I wish I could remember what I did with it– maybe masked it somehow in a soup.   May I say: there are many people who LOVE these flavours, and I hope you are one of them.

PS (Well, there’s lots on Gundru / Gundruk on the web for you to explore, but I’m leaving this here to remember to search where the content of this lapsed link has gone… was truly a GREAT site….)