A Girl Called Jack, A Cabbage Called Kraut

Just in case any of you haven’t read Jack Monroe, she’s a real food hero, mixing her righteous politics with ultra low-budget cooking. She speaks truth to power to hypocritical Tories about their wrong and moralistic assumptions about poverty and the poor in Austerity Britain. She writes tasty, nutritious, immaculately costed-out recipes. She washes the sauce off budget baked beans to get nice haricots. She understands a jar of fish paste as a delicious ingredient. Even as she’s coming into her own as a respected food journalist, and political commentator, she speaks from her experience raising a child with the anxieties of being cold and hungry, and she is amazing. I can’t wait for her book. That’s the link to her blog, above.

She is intelligent, articulate, canny and wise, and I only have one thing to give her: a friendly but strong nudge in the direction of sauerkraut, as in my last piece, or as in a million great methods searchable on the internet. Cabbage is cheap, salt is cheap, sauerkraut is a powerful and delicious and very usable ingredient, raw or cooked. And, for so many people who “can’t afford gluten intolerance,” as a recent parody joked – sorry, can’t recall who said that– dietary probiotics as in fermented foods arehealing and healthful in the face of diets that can be too heavy in wheat, sugar, and other inflammatory foods.  Lots of people are truly suffering from contemporary diets– putting a little kraut in there can only help.

Jack– I wish I could give you some sauerkraut– I know you’d be convinced!  Best wishes to you. Love, A Fan