Huckleberry Memories

Something reminded me of this wonderful grape-lollipop purple that came from huckleberries I briefly simmered and pureed with a little sugar into a coulis. This was several years ago. I’d bought them in summer in a punnet from a local grower, made the sauce, froze it, and we ate it mid-winter on snow as  dessert…   It reminded me of “Water Ice,” which in Philly we called Italian Ice, paper cones of shaved ice (so much like snow in texture) into which the nice man with the cart poured whatever vivid-colour flavour of syrup you requested.  So this was my natural, grown-up, local-foods version.

My memory was jogged because I am now taking an occasional basic gardening class with Emma,  who grew these berries. The more I learn about her permaculture gardening, the more impressed I am, the more I admire how many aspects to growing, selling, teaching, planning, preserving, preparing food (and flowers) she does. I wanted to share her blog here, where she tries to keep track of everything, which is so much:

7 December 2012 Postscript: I am reading my new copy of a book I’ve long long wished to see, Lindsey Shere’s Chez Panisse Desserts, which arrived from an internet secondhand trader via the Withdrawn section of the New Orleans Public Library, CENTRAL.   Now that’s a provenance!  And I see she has a recipe for Huckleberry Ice Cream.  I can imagine how wonderful that would be, served, among other possibilities, “in crepes with huckleberry sauce.”