Birthday Cake: An Adventure in Egglessness

My son really really really –please Mum, PLEASE–wanted a Victoria Sponge with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for his January birthday. But strawberries aren’t in season! Well, I let that one go, trying not to be too ideological and inflexible. But his good friend was coming for dinner and is allergic to eggs, and I wouldn’t shift on that….

…Even though I’d been so lucky as to find local, somebody’s garden’s ducks’ eggs, with duck eggs reputed to contribute to the loftiest of cakes:


Usually if baking eggless or vegan I would employ the flax seed substitute that does work so well: 1 tbsp ground Flax seeds +3 tbsp Water =1 egg.   But I just wasn’t in this kind of mood.

So we had to find a good recipe for a sponge cake. Lazily, I did an internet search and found a goodie right away, a really really really good one. 

And because the cake bakes in 7 inch tins, it feels really lofty too.

This amazing eggless-cake is so moist! I used a neutral flavour olive oil, but would have used coconut oil if I’d had enough. I filled it with jam, whipped cream, and strawberries.   I intend to experiment with various flours, including gluten-free ones, and spelt, and Khorosan too–maybe mixing in polenta and buckwheat, even  amaranth.  Maybe cocoa powder for a chocolate version?  So many possibilities…

And I think as so many among us have food allergies and intolerances, it’s only a good thing to have a whole variety of ways to make the classics.

The main takeaway for me: my 12-year old daughter asking, a bit holier-than -thou, where those out-of-season strawberries had been grown.  All these years of my incessant label-reading have somehow effected her.  She saw me compromising, and let me know she saw me.  All I can say is– those strawberries were reduced for quick clearance, and her brother really really really wanted them, Mum!  And I’m vulnerable to pester power.