I have a vision now of a calendrical-seasonal kitchen, in which I find uses throughout the year for ingredients I’ve made at a different moment in the wheel. I was so thrilled by the bright result of using Rosehip Syrup with Rhubarb.  I’m looking forward to making little jam tarts with my vegetables marmalades and carrot jam for summer picnics.  Mostly I have an array of maturing Scrap Vinegars to get creative with — Red Pumpkin, Pear, Rhubarb, Blackberry-Apple… Some are nearly a year and a half old, and still wonderful.  Magical ingredients, for pennies.

Lately I’ve just been splashing a spoon’s worth or so of these in glasses of water, for a kind of body-alkalizing tonic.  (Have I unabashedly revealed to all that sometimes I get kidney-pain that abates if I drink vinegar?)

This morning I strained and decanted a scrap Chaenomeles Vinegar I’d made in late November– from the scrapings and cores of the Japonica Fruit used for the very Christmassy Chaenomeles Preserve I wrote about here.

Do read about Chaenomeles — it’s inspiring to think about the illustrious past and possibilities of what we know as an ornamental in gardens.

And the vinegar is the finest perfume! It’s the fragrance of something you’d spray from a fancy bottle onto your wrist and neck before a date (if you did things like this, or had dates).  I wish the internet had a Scratch and Sniff capability.  Maybe I should put a vial in a Mary Poppins carpet-bag and start traversing Paris…

I’m thinking I could also splash it on bed linens before ironing them (if I did things like this), or use it in the rinse cycle of laundry (if I did things like this), or as a rinse for my hair.

I think it would be amazing in a cocktail somehow (in place of Vermouth in a classic Martini?), a carbonated summer drink perhaps with lime, or in a light salad dressing on a salad with lots of flowers.  Maybe I’ll use it to soak nuts and dried fruit before using them in baking.  Whatever the use the perfume needs to stay in the foreground, it’s so special.

Floral Vinegar, Vinegar Perfume– I’m not sure what to call it.  Any brilliant inspirations from my brilliant readers most welcome!    And if anyone is truly especially most interested, I could even consider posting you out some.

Meanwhile, a picture from Wikipedia (thank you!) showing the blossom that leads to the fruit, and in fact in our garden there is a small plant just now in bloom– which feels somehow to complete the cycle.  Many thanks to  my friend Sheila for all those fruits last autumn…