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These people have been peacefully creating an alternative community that gardens, organises, sells beautiful food, educates for a fairer world, and works hard to be a part of the larger village and Forest of Dean. They are facing violent eviction in what seems to be about the power of a property developer who wants this land at all cost. There is apparently a very dense and confusing story to the official ownership of the land– no one seems to own it, but as squatters they are hoping to grow into it.  I don’t know the full story except what I read …  They seem to be supported by residents around the area. This is something I found written by a visitor a while back. I think this might be a story that evolves to represent a lot of contested realities around farming, property rights, Tory privatising of public lands, forests and the land registry, historic usufruction,  divided Britain, all of it.  We are all just learning on our feet. but I’m pretty inclined to be on the side of the Yorkley community, sharing so many of their values and visions for a better agriculture and food system. Anyone there reading this, sending you courage and love! Ah, I’ve just read they’ve been granted an injunction.  Temporary relief, breathe deeply.

Yorkley Court Community Farm

We are a group of ecological farmers who have spent the last two years creating a community farm for the benefit of local people.  We live peacefully in Yorkley where we have contributed positively to the Forest of Dean in many different ways.

At five o’clock Monday morning bailiffs, private security and contractors entered the farm in an attempt to remove our property and take possession of the land by force. We resisted their attempt and the bailiffs quickly stood down when they were made aware of the legal situation regarding contested ownership of the land.  We managed to remove everyone from the land, culminating in a stand off at the gate which we have maintained for 48 hours straight.

This shocking and aggressive attempt to destroy a blossoming community farm and peaceful peoples livelihoods has apparently been pursued and paid for by local property developer Brian Bennett colluding with…

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