Hello People.

Wow.  “Reframing the Narrative of the Food System.”  Telling a different story based on different assumptions, reexamining the assumptions we hold that permit the injustices that exist in a world in which there is so much that we waste so much.   Hunger, Malnutrition, Starvation.  Ecological Degradation. Climate Change.

This slideshow is deceptively simple.

I feel a profound sense of calling to this idea, yet a lot of confusion as well and things I need to work out in my head.  I am a plodding type that way.  Any conversations or thoughts most welcome.

In the meantime, here’s an article from Jose Luis Vivero Pol, who I reckon is the scholar who is the energy behind pushing for this kind of rethinking. I am going to download it and read it as soon as I can.