Today is a Day of Action against TTIP, the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. People all over the place are doing stuff. I am at home wishing I were in a group, but instead I’m just writing this post hoping it will somehow help.  If you are moved, educate  yourself, and please contact your important politicians and be vocal through your networks about the bad news to us this and other trade agreements will bring.  Exercise your voice while you still can.

It’s hard to find a tone that doesn’t feel hysterical or brand the issue with fear.  But truly, as you read about TTIP and other trade agreements floating between our countries, you can see these are David and Goliath, democracy vs plutocracy issues.  Corporations aren’t inherently anything, except they need to be responsive to rather than dominant over governments, who need to answer and be responsive to people.  Regarding our food systems: we who strive for health and justice and sovereignty and resilience to climate chaos and agro-ecology and right to a livelihood by agricultural and production workers– we need to be ensured of our voice.

Here’s a piece my friend Eva wrote for the active and inspiring locavores around Fife in Scotland, Fife Diet. called “Trading away Local Food” 

I wrote this a few weeks ago, seeking to share links and information.

Have a look through these INFOGRAPHICS to see who lobbies the most– pretty shocking (and secretive).

OK, I hope this helps…