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I just got back from Camden Town where I gave a presentation on Lacto-Fermentation at the London Permaculture Festival.  The event was full of energy, optimism, strong awareness of problems and clear focus on solutions. I met loads of impressive and motivated people. Here’s a review of my talk and a little bit about other interesting features of the day, including a workshop on cultural diversity, a meeting on community gardening in London, and a quite staggering talk on the perfidy of Biomass as renewable (ha!) energy…

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When I moved to New York City in the late eighties, there would be fading purple footprints of Adam Purple to follow, he who would paint his feet and walk.  It’s over half my life later and I’ve learned more about his life and work through videos as this one.  I’m inspired today by the Garden of Eden concept, hard-working utopians in urban areas imagining and creating a world of lushness and freedom and innocence and beauty and community.

Since encountering the idea of Food as a Commons, I’ve been determined to figure out how to communicate why this feels important, and how to bring it into more shared awareness, and consciousness.

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Hello People.

Wow.  “Reframing the Narrative of the Food System.”  Telling a different story based on different assumptions, reexamining the assumptions we hold that permit the injustices that exist in a world in which there is so much that we waste so much.   Hunger, Malnutrition, Starvation.  Ecological Degradation. Climate Change.

This slideshow is deceptively simple.

I feel a profound sense of calling to this idea, yet a lot of confusion as well and things I need to work out in my head.  I am a plodding type that way.  Any conversations or thoughts most welcome.

In the meantime, here’s an article from Jose Luis Vivero Pol, who I reckon is the scholar who is the energy behind pushing for this kind of rethinking. I am going to download it and read it as soon as I can.


Hello from Kombucha Central, where pretty little elderflower stars float in a firmament of fermenting tea, by the grace of a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. In other words, I’ve been given a Kombucha SCOBY and am having a ball experimenting with different floral flavours, having found a fab use for the flower syrups I make.  Well then…. Come Bucha with me…

Kombucha is pretty easy– at it’s most basic, you boil and cool black tea, sweeten it with sugar, and use your SCOBY “mother”– the creature thing that is your “culture”– to ferment the mixture in five days or so.  After, if you bottle and cover, you get a nice effervescence.  Read the great Sandor Katz on Kombucha in this Splendid Table interview; there’s also an excerpt about Kombucha from his The Art of Fermentation that is generously and conveniently on line.  (And here’s my love letter to that book in Permaculture Magazine.)

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