Hello to you!  Am in busy desperate preserving mode– so much to do, race against time and the forces of overripening, but wanted to share a few random things.


I’ve made a really nice blackberry jam and threw in actually quite a number of very very soft pears.  (I mushed them through a strainer first, and retained the skins/seeds etc for a scrap vinegar.) Then added a cinnamon stick too.  Decided to strain through a sieve so the jam wouldn’t have that bramble grit of the teeny seeds.  The jam is wonderful, glad to have done this. I put the seeds from the sieve  in water with water kefir grains and have a really lovely bubbly drink happening– didn’t even bother with the whole first and second ferment thing.  Blackberry Pear Soda Pop, pictured above……

Had a bunch of very soft tomatoes, and cooked them down, then put them through a mouli to remove skin and seeds.  Mixed this with water and some sugar to see what a tomato scrap vinegar would be like.  Hmmmmm.  I admit, I threw in half an overripe nectarine.  We’ll wait and see.


Went to my lovely friend Pippa’s– there’s an orchard where she lives.  The plums are incredibly abundant this year and I took three bags,  which barely made a dent in what she has to harvest and share.  I’m plum crazy and have made Plum Kimchi, Plum Jam and Plum Carrot Chutney, which I’ll write about soon.  Oh, and juiced a lot of plums just to mix with water to drink as a juice.   Here I’ve saved loads of the stones and am making– of course– some vinegar!   Afterwards will save the stones and see if I can eventually plant them.


I preserve a lot and have an occasional habit of forgetting to label. I guess I’ll just have to open it!