Spend 25 minutes to watch this video of an amazing effort made by people to eat with real consciousness of health, good foods, historic cultural tradition and treating bodies with love and respect through the eating.  It’s very inspiring– and particular here to Pueblo people but totally applicable to all of us in various ways — to note how much in the modern, junky diet is making us sick– we know this.  But observe the radiance, beauty, and committed focus of people in the film, particularly the Elders, as they speak of their healthy transformations.  It’s truly inspiring.

The Pueblo Food Experience is a project of the wonderful Permaculture people at FloweringTree Permaculture in New Mexico.  I seem to encounter them on line and always feel in awe of their beautiful approach to people and food.  Click the Vimeo badge on the video above to be taken to further explanation of  the program.

Changing how we eat can change everything, and helps us connect, through food, to place and to people, to our ancestors and to “a new me,” which all of us sometimes long for.  “It’s part of reclaiming ourselves, so it’s more than a diet, it’s cultural preservation in a living form.”

The film also includes quite amazing discussion and footage of salt collecting in the dessert  — was new, and fascinating, to me.