This is almost so obvious I’m not sure it’s worth a blog post; but it’s so good, it’s worth a blog post!  I’ve made this every day for several days, and we find ourselves snacking on it cold.  Eating (local, seasonal) greens plentifully can only be a good thing.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Roasted.


I never knew this vegetable until I lived in the UK, so hello t0 readers elsewhere on the globe– seeds are available!  If you imagine the Calabrese broccolis as the “normal” big headed ones with thick stalks, the sprouting broccolis are multi-headed with lots of leaves, small flowers, and thin stalks.  The photo above offers a kind of comparison.  Instead of getting “florettes” you get a stalk, some leaves and a flower in each morsel.  Of course you could chop it up into smaller bits too.

I feel PSB to be a close-but-no-cigar with Broccoli Rabe, actually more of a turnip (and discussed in this post) and much adored by me.  It’s amazing how much variety of taste and texture there is among Brassicas….

This very awareness got me thinking about the different Brassicas I find myself roasting– Brussels Sprouts, of course, whole and/ or cut in half, Kale, massaged with olive oil and salt and made into caramel, crispy leaves….  wedges of cabbage….  broccoli with a soy sauce and lemon…

So I’ve been doing this same basic thing with the PSB and it’s delicious h0t and c0ld.  Prepare the pieces, rub with a little 0live 0il and salt (0r sesame 0il and s0ya sauce) and lem0n and ginger and garlic, whatever y0u like, My Darling….  Put 0n a baking sheet, bake in a h0t 0ven f0r ten minutes 0r s0, et v0ila!

I’ve been making large quantities, then t0ssing the extras the next day ar0und vari0us plates 0f f00d — eggs, salads, whatever’s g0ing– and feeling rather happy t0 be eating s0 much br0cc0li.



Purple Sprouting Broccoli is a January through May plant and grows beautifully in lazy people’s gardens as a winter vegetable.  Note to self to plant this year!  I like this guide to what can grow in winter.