La la la la la la la LA LAAAAAAAAAH.  La la la la la la la.  LA.  LA.  LAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Sing along with me, the Rhubarb Kimchi Song.  As Plum Kimchi heralded autumn, Rhubarb Kimchi will greet the spring. La La lalalalalalahhhh.

I pulled some stalks from a perennial bed I’d made last year.  Everything’s come up again, which is satisfying for a not-great gardener like me.


Removed the poisonous leaves, and sliced the pink stalks.

IMG_5615 (1)

And added some sea salt, some orange zest, and juice of that orange.  And some spring onions.


And massaged the mix with a paste of chilli powder, garlic, ginger, onion seeds (kalonji/ nigella), and a little sugar.

IMG_5618 (1)

And smushed it down in a jar.  (The jar doesn’t need to be covered with a lid actually.  And I’ll keep it on a plate, because in the next few days the fluid is going to rise and fall.)


Rhubarb Kimchi Recipe

Mix together:
12 oz/ 3ish cups sliced rhubarb (about 8 med stalks)
a bundle of spring onions (scallions),  sliced
2 tablespoons sea salt
Juice of an orange, and its zest
Make a paste and massage into the mix:
3 generous tablespoons hot pepper powder, Korean the best!
5 cloves garlic, minced
a mini-thumb of ginger, grated
(Wild Garlic leaves would be gorgeous in here!)
a teaspoon of sugar (if you are someone who doesn’t mind sugar)
3 tablespoons onion seed (I thought the bitter would be fab with the sour of the rhubarb)

Mush down in a crock or jar and so that liquid rises to the top. Keep the jar on a saucer in case it overflows. Keep in a cool place, and eat in a few days, or store in a very cool place when fully fermented.

La la lalalalala laaaaaahhhhhh— it’s tangy and sour and spicy right away, and every half hour interval you can wait for a nibble, it gets better and better.  New heights for rhubarb, and for kimchi, two joy-producing foods indeed.

PS– I must cite yesterday’s perusal of this wonderful Indian rhubarb aachar-style pickle as an inspiration.  Can’t wait to try this as my next Rhubarb Reverie.