Reblogging food work I find very powerful and moving. R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Bristol Skipchen. Here’s another piece about it on Wonky Veg.

The Bristol Skipchen: a Real Junk Food Project will be teaming up with Embercombe Apprentice Mission 2015 on a Solidarity Trip to Calais Migrant Camp – to deliver hot food and supplies along with songs, play, companionship.

Why we are going:

A significant part of the Skipchen ethos is supporting communities in the struggle against the structures that prioritise profit over people.

We recognise that food waste is a symptom of the capitalist neoliberal system that simultaneously allows millions of tonnes of edible food to go to waste at all points along the supply chain, and causes resources conflict and war that deny humans the basic rights to a decent life free from oppression.

When thinking about our wider role in society and what we can do with our food waste niche to create a better world, we believe that recycling food waste ( the majority of which came from…

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