I love the anti-plastic-waste activists in my life. My friend Rina, who founded the brilliant SESI (Schools Ethical Supplies Initative) in Oxford, and Anne-Marie of the website Zero Waste Chef share a vision that we can eat better, fairer, and more healthfully when we eat what comes outside the world of pre-packaged (and over-packaged) plastic.  SESI is a great model for refill shops in that it responds to customer need and desire and keeps it simple and very conscious ethically.  Zero Waste Chef continually teaches us how we can cook and eat beautifully without packaged, processed foods. Yay them!

Wish I could buy more food around here from loose bins, bringing my own containers.

And this film was made by students taught no doubt with inspiration and love by my friend Zoe, video activist extraordinaire, at Film Oxford.

My friends inspire me, and I with this post I hope to inspire you too.   Hey– if you’re reading this and you know a bulk selling group or business, link to them in the comments! It would be fun to see different versions of this work 🙂  I’m pretty sure somewhere I saw a market stall in a food market that offered this service, can’t quite recall where…