After that success of a dip with the fermented gooseberries, I began to ponder party dips and the social and gustatory joys of standing, chatting and especially gesturing with crudités of carrot and celery decorated in blobs of creamy green.

I’d remembered the pleasure in the days of yore eating dips made from packets of dried onion soup mixed with sour cream, and others in a Green Goddess family in which herbs like parsley, dill, even tarragon, are mixed with garlic and chives and sour cream, and often mayonnaise or an egg yolk too (to emulsify), and perhaps anchovies, for a little secret umami.

And there saying hello on my kitchen counter were the herbs I began to ferment nearly two months ago according to traditions of Ukraine and France and most certainly other places as well.

So I made Green Goddess Dip with:

  • a quarter cup of fermented herbs
  • a half cup of fresh herbs (in this case parsley and fennel) (Many classic recipes suggest tarragon.  You all know I’m not didactic — use what you have.)
  • spring onions (scallions) from our garden.
  • 1/2 cup of sour cream (creme fraiche, kefir cream, and the addition of cultured mayonaisse would all be good)
  • salt and pepper, and blended in a food processor.
  • And adjust proportions as you like.
  • And….. YUM.

Not quite as beautiful as when it was new, but very rich in flavours and mysteries, these fermented herbs


The fermented herbs have something allusive that just brings the whole taste up to what I imagine anchovies might bring.  Plus, as we know, hooray for adding all those positive bacteria into our food, healing and energising our bodies– a kind of Wilding the Green Goddess dip, or, allowing Green Goddess to be properly wild again. I will bring this dip with pride to the next party I’m invited to!


Then I discovered something I think is even better.  I decided to use the dip as a salad dressing, to commemorate Green Goddess Dressing.  All I did was thin the dip with some apple cider vinegar (my scrap apple vinegar is nicely sweet for this purpose.  What you get is a truly wonderful and flexible dressing that lasts in the fridge and is a wonderful green (the fermented herbs seem to preserve the colour of the  fresh herbs).  Were you vegan, substituting avocado for dairy elements would be great.

Wild Green Goddess Dressing:

In the spirit of empowering the Green Goddess in all of you, I resist specifics because you all know how to make great dressings:

  • Mix maybe 1/4 cup fermented herbs with a cup of fresh herbs (or to taste)
  • Chives, Scallion, even garlic, and grated horseradish: the racy tastes!
  • Add sour cream, kefir cream, creme fraiche, and mayonaisse if you want to be traditional in some way
  • A few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

And whizz.  And totally enjoy.  Imagine the kind of American salad that just tastes so fresh and filling yet light, and imagine this dressing on that salad, and a feeling of happiness and contentment prevails.



Green Goddess Daughter crowned as Creiddylad and Green Goddess Self on the occasion of Calan Mai