Nearly two years old, but this interview with Prof. Tim Lang is so wide ranging and stimulating, I wanted to repost it.  Have a listen when you get the chance– say, if you need to scrub your floor or make some kimchi for a friend with flu. It’s a broad discussion of what food politics means in Britain, in this era of corporate dominance and a policy of austerity.

If you’d prefer to read the interview, you can find it here.

I don’t cease to be thankful for how much knowledge and perspective is ours for free on the internet, and how people we know and don’t know, in this case Sophie Laggan, a food policy researcher/ activist whom I follow on Twitter, direct us through links and posts.  It’s meaningful for me to be part of that sharing too.

By the way, there’s loads of great material to listen to on the Transition Culture Soundcloud.