This is a very informative and sobering video discussing the pitfalls of the potential trade agreement TTIP– the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  TTIP would represent huge benefit for gigantic agribusiness players, and severely undermine local, ecological and democratic approaches to food and growing.

PLEASE educate yourself and others and keep making a stink in the realms you have any influence– with your representatives, your politicians, your social media, your streets.  Use your voice.

By the way, I found this SHOCKING:  “A leaked internal EU document … reveals that European governments have instructed their representatives to block any discussion of measures to combat climate change that might be a ‘restriction on international trade.’”  Read this article in the Independent, “There is no EU solution to climate change as long as TTIP exists.”  TTIP exacerbates so many energy practices which undermine a stable climate, and make solutions and change more improbable. Stop Climate Chaos has drawn up this particularly accessible resource but if you do internet searches on “Climate TTIP” there is so much from so many perspectives.

When I was Sustainable Blog of the Week in the Guardian –  a column sponsored by Unilever, a company that in many ways really does care about sustainability – I promised myself I would at some point take on some issues. (I’m preparing a piece on palm oil.)  Unilever has been a big corporate presence at COP21 in Paris, and many activists feel the greenwashing presence and influence there completely undermines any real action on climate change.  I have a mixed and complicated set of opinions, but feel clear on one thing:

If Unilever wants street cred at any level, they must withdraw their support for TTIP as a trade agreement unequivocally BAD for sustainability and climate.  Please sign and share the Sum of Us petition to Unilever head Paul Polman.  (Sorry I can’t share the direct link as it seems to always reveal my personal information as I’ve signed it.  Just search for Sum of Us + Unilever + TTIP and it should appear.)