I’m pleased to be on the shortlist for a BOOM Award in the category of Best Food Blog.

Here’s the list!

[POSTDATE: Guess what, I made top 3!!!!!]

We’ll find out the results on 11th May.  I’m more committed to writing about a wider social-cultural-political vision of food than what we think of as standard food blogging, though of course I am honoured to be recognised by the Soil Association because I admire so much of the work it does.

Organic as “lifestyle” might seem a choice of privilege or taste, but if you take a look at the range of issues encompassed in Soil Association campaigns, it’s clear that the dominance of chemical agriculture has critical, wide-ranging implications.

Some of their current campaigns:

BAN NEONICS Neonicotinoid pesticides harm insects and birds up the food chain, and are considered a major factor in the demise of bee populations.

NOT IN OUR BREAD Soil Association is fighting to get limits and regulations to the use of the pesticide Glyphosate (when Monsanto, Round-up) many uses of which have just been banned by the EU.

SAVE OUR SOILS  is work that recognises the importance of soil fertility and bio-diversity as a climate change issue.

SAVE OUR ANTIBIOTICS fights to regulate and limit the unnecessary use in meat rearing so that medical antibiotics stay useful for as long as possible.

GENETIC MODIFICATION by which false promises of reduced pesticide use has been made.

LABELLING MATTERS Getting products from factory farms clearly labelled so consumers (who care!) can know the conditions under which the animals were raised. Of course we want this!

Important work, all of it. The BOOM Awards are part of celebrating success, and awareness, and cultural change, and maybe a little bit of partying, and organic “lifestyle” and marketing, as we recognise the serious context to what we do. Good luck to us!