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Drought in El Salvador. Photo ©Sean Hawkey

I’m linking to an important response to some of the greenwash that takes place around the discussion of agriculture and climate change. The big United Nation Conference of Parties on climate change is about to take place in Paris, yet extremely significant greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture are not even on the agenda (!!!). (And this.)  Nonetheless there will certainly be a lot of conversation and media attention to issues of food and climate, and “Climate Smart Agriculture” with all its public-relations backing might get lots of airplay in the discussions that surround the central negotiations.

So many of us hope against cynicism that the urgency of the climate crisis can see a joining together of people and concerns.  When you scroll down to the list of signatories to this letter, you get an idea how vast our social movements can be.  We need people, not corporations, at the centre of decision making, envisioning and enacting a better future.  Our messages must be powerful for our language to be so coopted and coveted by them.  Please share this letter in response to agribusiness rhetoric, and as foodies concerned with climate justice.

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Found this trailer here.  Looking forward to the film.

The organisation GRAIN has put together some resources around the politics of industrial food production and its contribution to climate change.  GRAIN is “a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems” — an agroecology point of view.

In the run-up to the Paris conference on Climate Change in December, they’ve written this report on the central role fertiliser companies play in the discussions concerning agriculture and climate change.  “Climate Smart Agriculture” has become a key phrase and concept that is about the appropriation of some of the language of Agroecology — many facets of CSA are expressed in Orwellian DoubleSpeak and we all need to educate and organise around this– the greenwashing is chilling.

So many small environment and agriculture organisations around the world are working to fight the dominance of the Climate Smart Agriculture discourse in UN forums.  This is an important letter hundreds of such groups have signed.

Today is World Food Day, and World Food Day of Action for Food Sovereignty.  it’s also Blog Action Day on the theme of Inequality.  All this within the Year of Family Farming!


I haven’t had time to prepare a proper post.  I wanted to reflect a bit about food and climate inequality, in terms of both culpability (mostly of the rich world) and vulnerability (mostly of the poor), and put this in a context of “food security” (a loaded term) and its challenges. When I think about what I want to say on the topic, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  And I kind of short-circuit.  The great thing is, Blog Action Day is going to give us all lots of opportunities to explore the theme really diversely, and learn a lot reading people’s contributions.  Mine is just a beginning, pointing to connections I want to deeply understand as we go about public campaigns and personal quests — seeking as always at KitchenCounterCulture to bring it all back home.

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