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“Being able to see on a daily basis … creation and order in how the food chain works, I think that’s my favourite part [of fishing],” says Cindi John. She and her husband and partner Ed are part of the Ottawa-Chippewa tribe in NW Michigan, fishing with historic treaty rights on Lake Michigan. Jason Kohl’s film 80 to 90 Ft is a gentle portrait of their work and perceptions of how it is changing, much due to climate change, in terms of water temperature and the depths at which fish swim, invasive species, and numbers caught.

What a funny, anxious moment in ecological history, to perceive intellectually and experientially the massive changes happening in the natural world, and to know that things are just going to keep getting weirder. “I don’t know what the state of the fishery is going to be like in five or ten years, there are certain things I don’t have control over, so we just play it by ear, I guess,” says Ed John with wry wisdom.

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…in which KitchenCounterCulture questions her family’s meat-eating in light of learnings from a book on Climate Change conundrums…

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Taking part in FAST FOR THE CLIMATE as a food blogger and food activist.

“I will  to feel rooted in community united in solemnity, activism, steadfast facing of evolving emergency.” — and so I tweeted…

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