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Stephanie Sarley is a contemporary American artist who makes these brave Fruit Art Videos.  I think they are challenging and fun to watch, as well as having the effect of making people laugh– should you want or need that pleasure.

Food writer and activist Jack Monroe on poverty, hunger, feminism, being a mother with a toddler, and the weight children bear on their “little teeny-tiny shoulders” of reckless financial decision making, political cleaning up of which justifies Austerity.  Cutting ribbons on food banks as a disgrace. Inequality. Wanting change.  Worth your time watching.

A film of a performance piece. 1975.

Feels dated but important, and actually presages something part Mary Hartman Mary Hartman part nervous breakdown part humorous part violent part liberatory (once you know you are a slave, however comfortable).

A is for Apron, beginning a journey through the alphabet and lots of kitchen implements general and specific. Love the sounds she makes on the metal bowls.

I learned of this reading the programme for a food film festival in Liverpool in November. The event looks great.

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