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“Create Your Own Local Food Movement,” or, thought-provoking top tips from the inspiring and effective Fife Diet in Scotland.   I ❤ the worm at 2:52.

  • Know your place, map your region, think potential, understand heritage
  • Create community not just network, eat together
  • Re-skilling in growing and cooking
  • “With not for” — a philosophy of working.
  • Think Big.  Be ambitious.
  • Make space for children
  • Who are you, consumers or producers?
  • Think Global, eat local, but avoid the localism trap
  •  Enjoy!

(and be aware if you are in places with ethnic/ racial/ cultural/ economic diversity, a strong movement will reflect that, and seek to actively encourage and respond to diverse needs and needs of diversity).


Today is a Day of Action against TTIP, the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. People all over the place are doing stuff. I am at home wishing I were in a group, but instead I’m just writing this post hoping it will somehow help.  If you are moved, educate  yourself, and please contact your important politicians and be vocal through your networks about the bad news to us this and other trade agreements will bring.  Exercise your voice while you still can.

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