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My friend Charlie Spring is writing a brilliant and hilarious blog-travel-log about her time on a study fellowship in the US. “I’m going to spend the next two months in North America,” she writes, “meeting people who I hope can teach me lessons to bring home [to the UK]: about the entrenchment of food aid under austerity welfare conditions, about going beyond the food bank model, about participatory democracy and citizen involvement in food system decision-making and doing. About food justice, and food injustice.” Eagerly awaiting each new post, I heartily recommend you follow her writings. Here’s just one snippet that will lead you to more.


I was in a bad, cynical-feeling place when I got to Rainbow Grocery in the swelter of the day, having seen new dimensions of the homelessness of San Francisco. I felt guilty for entering this cool place of herbs, tonics, plinky music and funky coop members stacking kale chips in polka-dot party dresses, knowing I could afford this food, navigate the wealth of choice on offer. Sort of. Self-service (lots of it) flummoxed me- how much would a handful of decoriated cardamom cost when a pound would cost $50? Gah. You could self serve honey, roasted hazelnut-chocolate butter, tofu, kimchi, vegan chocolate-coated pretzels, pasta, tea, herbs, a million types of granola, dried persimmon, olives. You hold your little compost able bag and open the chute with a knob and gravity sends a landslide of mung beans out over the sides and you try to pull up the sides and once…

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Enjoy and share this great little film showing a vision, in eight principles, of Sustainable Food. The film looks at what people are doing in Manchester in the UK, but it’s all relevant in many parts of the world.  The principles hopefully feel familiar– hooray!– and put together, make an inspiring manifesto, with lots of interconnections between the categories:

Local and Seasonal

Organic for Low-Carbon, Oil Independence and Soil Health

Cut Waste and Packaging

Less Meat and Dairy

Stop Eating At-Risk Fish for Marine Habitats

Fair Trade

Health and Well-Being for All

Food Democracy for Local Economies and all Stakeholders


And check out the Kindling Trust.

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