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“Crispy Seaweed” in the time of young, fresh carrots.

The greens are frondy, less tough.  Yes to pesto (excellent mixed with herbs like mint and parsley), yes to simply using as a herb for a soup, or fresh as a garnish.  I’ve been adding them to all sorts of things.  Yes to salting for a Herbes Salees.

But just now got the idea for “Crispy Seaweed,” which I’ve never actually eaten in a Chinese restaurant, but would love to one day…

I love that Crispy Seaweed is usually Spring Greens.  I love that you don’t need to fry it either.

I sat for a while at the kitchen table, and took apart the carrot tops…removed the stalks (which remain chewy and shall serve better in a vegetable stock), separated the feathery leaves and massaged them in sunflower oil and a little salt.  Baked a few minutes in a hot oven on an oven tray, until crispy.  Pure easiness.

Could have roasted in sesame oil. Could add chile. Could add Five Spice Powder. Could add some kind of umami.  Plain and good was my Crispy Seaweed with a soft crunch and a melting texture afterwards.

Would be great on top of something else, like tofu or a piece of fish, or miso soup.

My old friend Lee Ann Brown wrote this poem about Polk Salad in her book In the Laurels, Caught.  She wrote it from notes jotted on a day with the herbalist Mary Morgaine Thames, in North Carolina, learning about wild plants.



is cooked not raw

stay ahead
              of the red

Eat in spring
cook when 6 inches or less

lymph cleanser

2 boils

Do Not drink the potlikker

Eat the berry

1 on the 1st day
2 on the 2nd day
3 on the 3rd day

How far do you
spit out the poisonous seeds?

become a dynamic accumulator
bringing up minerals from below

Children in a school near here used poke ink
It was that with which they wrote

any daughter paints her arms

the way to play the plants

on paper the unfixed juice goes from bright magen-
ta to a dried blood color

the man who built our house

first dreamed of a pokeberry sky

but after a hot day of crushing berries
and smearing the boards, gave into Benjamin Moore

it’s “hard to fix”

that color more bright than cochineal

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