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Food writer and activist Jack Monroe on poverty, hunger, feminism, being a mother with a toddler, and the weight children bear on their “little teeny-tiny shoulders” of reckless financial decision making, political cleaning up of which justifies Austerity.  Cutting ribbons on food banks as a disgrace. Inequality. Wanting change.  Worth your time watching.

Today is World Food Day, and World Food Day of Action for Food Sovereignty.  it’s also Blog Action Day on the theme of Inequality.  All this within the Year of Family Farming!


I haven’t had time to prepare a proper post.  I wanted to reflect a bit about food and climate inequality, in terms of both culpability (mostly of the rich world) and vulnerability (mostly of the poor), and put this in a context of “food security” (a loaded term) and its challenges. When I think about what I want to say on the topic, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  And I kind of short-circuit.  The great thing is, Blog Action Day is going to give us all lots of opportunities to explore the theme really diversely, and learn a lot reading people’s contributions.  Mine is just a beginning, pointing to connections I want to deeply understand as we go about public campaigns and personal quests — seeking as always at KitchenCounterCulture to bring it all back home.

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