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Here’s a food and land issue I feel in my bones, so much so that I just gave a little money towards a Crowdfunder fundraising campaign and am hoping some of you will as well, if you can. Watch the video and learn how a (lower-case “c”) cooperative group is seeking funds to get professional aid in organising and presenting themselves as realistic potential farm buyers.

The Co-operative — (with an uppercase “C”) — for people outside Britain– is a business group, mainly a supermarket chain and bank, that is mutually owned by “members” though managed as big business.  Members vote for issues it wishes the Co-op to honour throughout its practice — community service, fair-trade, good labour standards, environmental awareness, and much more.  The Co-op represents a model of business at a national level that many of us find preferable to other more ruthless versions of marketing in the food field.  (For my American readers, I can think of nothing comparable…)

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Concentration of Agricultural Land

I want to state an intention then find the time to write about the conceptual differences between the phrases “Food Security” and “Food Sovereignty.” I stand with Food Sovereignty, which is: rooting our food closer and closer to people and home and less and less reliant on manufacture and distribution through large economic and financial systems.

If you look at this graphic you might feel a narrowing in your gut.  It goes against the grain of the wisdom proclaimed by Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food.  If you want you can read his report here or read about it in this summary piece on Truth-Out called The Transformative Potential of the Right to Food.   We really need to buck the trends and claim back our power as citizens not consumers, growers not shoppers, participants in ever smaller circles of economy.  The concentration of agricultural land and power in the hands of Big Players is a dangerous game especially in light of climate unpredictability.

This concentration of ownership is a global trend, but here in the UK, so many of us Social Optimists  have placed faith in The Cooperative, which is now in dubious financial trouble and selling off its resources.  Please support, if only with a signature, even better with activism as a member, to halt the fire sale of Co-op Farms, which are a resource that smaller, less financially solvent buyers might want a shot at owning.

Here you can read the green economist  Molly Scott Cato arguing really persuasively for why the farms are the most important part of the Co-op group, more than the shops…

And here’s an article on the outrageous new Tory policy towards small farms in Britain —-arrrghghghghghhrrrrr:

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