Watching this video is a fun way to spend eight minutes learning about cheese made from unpasteurized –raw –milk.  The film introduces the concepts of Post -Pasteurian food preparation as well as the Human Microbiome — all the invisibles that live with us and in us and are part of our health and evolution.

I love cheese.  One of my all-time-favourite cheeses is actually from St. David’s , in Pembrokeshire, in Wales — the  unpasteurized  Caerfai Caerphilly which is so smooth and young with a perfect yet mild tang .  It’s a traditional Welsh cheese, and beautifully made.  If you have the chance to try it, please do!

And here’s a photo of the unpasteurized Chèvre my husband brought back from Brussels, where he was working and ended up in hospital on a heavy course of antibiotics, necessary but effecting his own previously quite thriving Microbiome.  So it’s To the Probiotics go we– the sauerkraut, the Beet Kvass, the yoghurt, and cheeses like this, alive and keeping us alive.

This cheese is decorated with a Cathar Cross, stencilled in ashes.  It is delicious indeed.  And a wonderful gift to receive….

IMG_6505 (1)