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Fermented Preserved Lemons: delicious in dressings; refreshing in drinks. Tart, salty, bitter, tangy, matured in lemon juice and sea salt, Preserved Lemons are a great larder item for the lacto-fermenting cook.  I made a batch several months ago, and they’ve really come into their own. I’ve been playing with them a bit, and getting obsessed with their bold brightness– or is it a bright boldness?–how they refuse to be denied presence, they refuse not to shine. Read the rest of this entry »


At table top sales… car boot sales … small community events, one still encounters a kind of selling of traditional home-made preserves.  It doesn’t call itself “local food” or “artisan” but it is both, and it’ll be sad if this practice dies out, or becomes something fancified, and less small-scale.  I also love the re-using of jars.   Read the rest of this entry »

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