Less is More

Here’s a household tip: If you have a dishwasher and use tablets, you can cut them in half so a box lasts twice as long. A friend described this long ago as “a green ritual.” It’s money saving, primarily, yet I also dislike using these chemical things– even the natural ones (ie biodegradable) come to us from a dysfunctional, polluting, wasteful industrial economy.

Some friends like dish washing, and I think I would too, the hot sudsy water, the pleasure on the hands, but just in my life there are so many dishes! all the time! never ending! And my husband the energy calculator reckons that if you do your washing up little by little, and if you use hot water, then dishwashers, if you have one, are more energy-efficient. I can only believe him. In our last house,with a solar hot water system, the hot was plumbed into the dishwasher. Before doing this, my mister had rung around to various dishwasher manufacturers to enquire why they all recommended installing the machines to the cold pipe, and heating the water in the machine, not the household system; no one could think of any reasons. So when we had solar hot water, we ran the dishwasher. Loved it. I believe the same appliance is still in that house, a decade later, working fine.

We don’t have solar now, but we still reckon the dishwasher is more efficient, and we do, for what it’s worth, buy our electricity from a renewable producer. Say what you will about the grid system, but this is the best choice we feel we could have made for the moment.

And here I am about every 6 weeks chopping up tabs in half– and then sometimes running cheapo vinegar through the appliance too. All is working fine, so wanted to share this handy household tip.