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We need to keep informed about agriculture oriented towards energy production. In the case of maize in Britain, there’s also a terrible association with soil runoff during excessive rain events that contributes to flooding, as in this piece by George Monbiot with it’s quite shocking video component.  A responsible climate change policy would take into account both the importance of good land management (as nudged or not by subsidies) and actual carbon figures, which Miles King, in the post shared below, discusses so clearly.

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p1040939 Biogas Maize is now grown widely in the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty © Miles King

Maize grown specifically for Anaerobic Digesters to produce “biogas” is an increasingly common crop in England, especially in the South West. The area under Biogas Maize increased by 55% in 2016 compared to 2015, to 52000ha. The National Farmers Union set a target of 200,000ha of land under biogas Maize back in 2011, so they are 25% of the way to their target.

Maize is a very environmentally damaging crop, probably the most environmentally damaging crop grown in the UK. Why then is so much of it being grown? Because the Government pays not one, but two subsidies for it to be grown – the generous single payment (now over £200 per hectare annually) for anyone who owns farmland; and on top of this there are a range of payments including the Renewable…

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Enjoy and share this great little film showing a vision, in eight principles, of Sustainable Food. The film looks at what people are doing in Manchester in the UK, but it’s all relevant in many parts of the world.  The principles hopefully feel familiar– hooray!– and put together, make an inspiring manifesto, with lots of interconnections between the categories:

Local and Seasonal

Organic for Low-Carbon, Oil Independence and Soil Health

Cut Waste and Packaging

Less Meat and Dairy

Stop Eating At-Risk Fish for Marine Habitats

Fair Trade

Health and Well-Being for All

Food Democracy for Local Economies and all Stakeholders


And check out the Kindling Trust.

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This is a quick post Kitchencounterculture felt important to write. There’s extremely little public debate about TTIP, a trade deal between the USA and the EU. It’s very anti-democratic with quite worrisome implications. I feel I only know about it because of the “Echo Chamber” of my own information gathering / receiving on the internet.  Maybe some of you reading this occupy a different Echo Chamber,  and will catch wind of this through this piece here, because we believe in democracy and open speech and people to people communication.

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Wow! What a fabulous spokesperson for small-scale growing as sustainable, important, and ready to feed the world!  And standing up to lies!

The protest was on behalf of the Land Workers’ Alliance.  If you follow that link and go to “Campaigns” you get some ideas of the ways that Big Ag dominates the legal and regulatory scene to the detriment of small players.

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