Here’s a food and land issue I feel in my bones, so much so that I just gave a little money towards a Crowdfunder fundraising campaign and am hoping some of you will as well, if you can. Watch the video and learn how a (lower-case “c”) cooperative group is seeking funds to get professional aid in organising and presenting themselves as realistic potential farm buyers.

The Co-operative — (with an uppercase “C”) — for people outside Britain– is a business group, mainly a supermarket chain and bank, that is mutually owned by “members” though managed as big business.  Members vote for issues it wishes the Co-op to honour throughout its practice — community service, fair-trade, good labour standards, environmental awareness, and much more.  The Co-op represents a model of business at a national level that many of us find preferable to other more ruthless versions of marketing in the food field.  (For my American readers, I can think of nothing comparable…)

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