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This is a very informative and sobering video discussing the pitfalls of the potential trade agreement TTIP– the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  TTIP would represent huge benefit for gigantic agribusiness players, and severely undermine local, ecological and democratic approaches to food and growing.

PLEASE educate yourself and others and keep making a stink in the realms you have any influence– with your representatives, your politicians, your social media, your streets.  Use your voice.

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Today is a Day of Action against TTIP, the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. People all over the place are doing stuff. I am at home wishing I were in a group, but instead I’m just writing this post hoping it will somehow help.  If you are moved, educate  yourself, and please contact your important politicians and be vocal through your networks about the bad news to us this and other trade agreements will bring.  Exercise your voice while you still can.

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I just got back from Camden Town where I gave a presentation on Lacto-Fermentation at the London Permaculture Festival.  The event was full of energy, optimism, strong awareness of problems and clear focus on solutions. I met loads of impressive and motivated people. Here’s a review of my talk and a little bit about other interesting features of the day, including a workshop on cultural diversity, a meeting on community gardening in London, and a quite staggering talk on the perfidy of Biomass as renewable (ha!) energy…

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Hi Everyone

This is a quick post Kitchencounterculture felt important to write. There’s extremely little public debate about TTIP, a trade deal between the USA and the EU. It’s very anti-democratic with quite worrisome implications. I feel I only know about it because of the “Echo Chamber” of my own information gathering / receiving on the internet.  Maybe some of you reading this occupy a different Echo Chamber,  and will catch wind of this through this piece here, because we believe in democracy and open speech and people to people communication.

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