We had a small cake stall today to raise money to help the school replace some items that there’s no budget for.  It might be basic stuff, like headphones in the music room, or benches in the yard.  Our group hasn’t formally constituted, and we’re not sure exactly what to give our takings to. But it’s Austerity and education gets cut just like everything else.

Well, nearly everything else.

Of course this famous poster came to mind, copyrighted 1979, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

As I was exhaustedly mixing batters and cutting shapes from dough late into last evening, I contemplated is this worth it? Do we recoup the cost of ingredients and time/ labour/ oven electricity in the prices we are able to charge at the fayre? I don’t know. Nevertheless it’s a really wonderful community effort and tradition, people baking and sharing, and a table of treats– J’s cupcakes, M’s brownies, A’s mince pies, my lemon squares (gluten-free!)– that represents our coming together to help out.  In a small way.

We raised absolute peanuts on the military-industrial scale of war technology, but the cake stall was our assertion of what matters most to us, in our lives as we are living them.  And we are working for a peaceful and effective approach to all the forces of hate and violence in the world as we sell our homemade goodies.