Kitchen Counter Culture

Food Politics in a kitchen that never stops, meals evolving one to the next.

Joy in cooking, gardening, foraging, bargains and reclaiming food that would be wasted; honouring the seasons;  uncovering local food traditions;  a huge fondness for cookbooks; home economy as fun and ecological; domestic life contextualised; challenging ourselves to waste less and less; mindfulness of hunger, gratitude for having; Food Sovereignty; Seed Freedom; Food as a Commons; creativity; living with awareness of the profound changes taking place to the climate — globally, locally and to ecosystems everywhere; love; honouring growers, sellers, cooks and eaters; best lives for animals if we eat them; inspiration from Slow Food and Permaculture; the Dalai Lama refusing to judge anyone harshly on Australian Master Chef. 

And an increasing disinterest in perfectionism.

I see this as a place to share resources, visions, ideas, links, activism…

There are so many amazing, informative and beautiful food blogs and recipes around the web, and of course, there are so many books.  I’m probably not so inclined, on principle, to give recipes and exact amounts, but if you feel that better directions or amounts– a recipe!– or a link would really help, please feel free to ask me in the comments, and I’ll do that for you– or point you in that direction.

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