I enjoy teaching classes and workshops on Lacto-Fermentation, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with people interested in local food, preserving, health, healing and food politics.  I generally do a little talk on this method of preparing vegetables –historically, cross-culturally, nutritionally — have a tasting session in which I share assundry and delicious ferments I’ve prepared earlier, then move on into hands-on doing.  Everybody takes something home and can stay in touch with me for advice or questions. My ethos is that fermenting is easy, fun, and everyone can do it successfully.  I am mid-Wales based but can travel, and enjoy tacking on teaching to other adventures.  I have also taught creative, hands-on sessions about Cooking the Harvest,  Global Cuisine-Local Foods, and Vinegars from Scrap Ingredients.  Am open!

“Inspired” is often the word people use to describe their feeling leaving my workshops .  And they go home and get stuck in.

I’ve lead sessions with local food groups, at a Farmers’ Market for a Transition group, at Permaculture design sessions, sustainability education centres, community gardens and festivals. I now even have a bunch of future bookings for Women’s Institute groups.  I would be very interested to share my knowledge with groups interested in healing with food (physically and emotionally) and cheffy-foodies and anyone, really.

Please be in touch if you’d be interested in a session with your group, or organising something for an event, festival or locale.  I am flexible!   my email in anti-spam form:  annielevyevermore [at]

Some comments from participants:

“I felt really inspired after going to your workshop – liberated, even – it feels good to store food in such a simple yet quite exciting, fizzling, frothing way…. I went off and made a huge big jar of turnip and beetroot pickle afterwards.”  Fergus, October 2013

“I often end up feeling that there is a ‘right’ way to do the things I sign up to learn and that I am destined to always be the one who gets it wrong somehow….. so I wanted to tell you I feel liberated, empowered and inspired by your strong message that I just need to go at this with fun in my heart, an open mind and all my senses engaged with the process. ”  Linda, September 2013

“Inspiring, enthusiastic, with a rich knowledge of, & infectious passion for, the ancient practice of food fermentation. A true kitchen witch, Annie’s food fermentation workshop is an informative & exciting, deliciously interactive learning experience & exploration of food alchemy. Annie works with a deep understanding & abundant love of her subject. Her workshop opens doors of food use & taste possibilities, exploring health & environmental benefits of the processes she delightfully shares. And I LOVE the pinny & glasses”  Suzanne, May 2013

“Attending this fermentation workshop has enriched my life and my health. I never realized how simple and enjoyable fermentation could be. I’m thoroughly inspired to begin experimenting with new forms of ferments. Thank you Annie!” Stefanie, June 2015

And a nice blog post from January 2015 from Transition Heathrow.


Other fermenting teachers:

Do you all know about the amazing Octopus Alchemy?  If you’re near Brighton, I reckon that would be a great place to learn more.

And if you’re in London, and would enjoy tasting and learning in a home-like atmosphere, may I recommend the lovely Anna Drozdova at Mazaika.  She sells a great Latvian fermenting tool, a stomper for cabbage, that’s brought joy and ease to my life and I’d never be without one now, as well as delicious fresh ferments.

Also in London, there’s the healing oriented Viola Sampson:

In Staffordshire there’s Emma Cronin at Wild Pickle; she’ll travel to homes in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.