We just gave a little money in this Indiegogo Campaign to help the families of activists detained for fighting for land rights and against land grabs in Ethiopia.

We’re so protected, relatively, for now, in the UK, to express what we believe in terms of food democracy and a vision for feeding ourselves in the future. These activists in Ethiopia have been charged under a counter terrorism law for attending a food security workshop. Outrageous! Hearing Omot admit his fear of torture more than that of arrest just sent chills down my body.  Well clearly it’s a lot harder if you’re an activist in Ethiopia, so the least to offer is my small contribution, and to spread the word in this post.

The following is taken from the Anwyaa Survival website:

Three Ethiopians are facing trial after trying to attend a workshop on food security in Kenya. The move is part of the Ethiopian government‘s effort to silence critical voices using a draconian counterterrorism law.

Indigenous and rural people in Ethiopia are one of the main targets in the current global farmland grab. Around one million hectares (roughly 2.5 million acres) have already been leased to investors, primarily in the fertile Southwestern province of Gambela, home of the Anuak indigenous people.

While supporting organizations have raised funds to cover the detainees’ legal fees, additional funds are urgently needed to support their families while international human rights groups work to secure their release. 

The families of Omot, Ashinie, and Jamal are struggling to get by and provide food for their children after the loss of their primary income-earners. At this time, further details about the families’ living conditions cannot be made public since they fear they will also be arrested or face other reprisals. More details will be available on this page if and when the families’ safety can be assured.

Please share this information.  Here’s a Campaign Action Guide. And some “suggested Tweets”:

Plz help support 3 Ethiopian food & #landrights activists jailed on trumped up charges! #FreeOmot @Indiegogo tinyurl.com/ethiopia-land

Supporting the right to #food & #land is not terrorism! Plz help 3 detained activists in #Ethiopia, #FreeOmot tinyurl.com/ethiopia-land

Three food & #landrights activists falsely accused of terrorism need your help! #FreeOmot #foodsovereignty tinyurl.com/ethiopia-land